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Originally Posted by Amachi View Post
hehehe, I'm amazed it can even soar at all with it's large head XD

Anywho, the shading seems all well and good, as does your choice of colours, and I kinda like the simplicity of the design (though it doesn't seem all that practical for travelling at high speeds XD).

Keep it up man.

Also, since MegaFuz has mentioned it above, I'd like to remind you all that every comment requires just a lil bit of constructive criticism. It's just a few more words really, and I'm sure it'll be appreciated.
I definitely agreed with you about the head being big, so I scaled it down a bit and adjusted the shading appropriately. Updated sprite is below. Ya might need to refresh it to see it correctly. ;D

[Update!!] I've got a new Psychic/Ghost type to reveal here tonight. I call this guy Appakos. I'm thinking about making this one a possible legendary. I'm also intrigued by an evolution though, so we'll see what happens. Let me know what you think, please. ;D

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