Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Shiny Gold
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    Originally Posted by scf View Post
    no, I didn't type any cheats, it just sorta happened after my two others died in battle
    Argh!, tested again and again, and it still doesnt happen... Please, try getting another version of FR, if it's not much problem. Thank you.

    Originally Posted by Dark Lucario View Post
    If you're forbidding Surf, then doesn't that mean that you'll have to block the Kimono Girls' dance hall?
    No, it just means that the surfing route to Cianwood will be blocked. Surfing will be enabled (I just need to go back in the game and update the necessary parts)

    Since I was near Route32 when testing about the egg, I tested the supposed glitch DarkArcz mentioned. It didn't happen to me.