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Originally Posted by Frostbite View Post
Back agian.

I'm starting a new ROM hack I need help on a few things.

1. Dose anyone have a list or know where I can find a list of script offsets for Items, TMs, Berries, etc. for Fire Red?

2. Is there a way to transfer music from an R/S/E ROM and apply them to a FR/LG rom?

Thats pretty much it. :s
1. Simple Script Creator had all the items, TMs and Berries hex codes. Download here.

2. You can use Sappy to extract the R/S/E music and import it in your FR/LG ROM.

Originally Posted by foofatron View Post
How can I change pokemon types in Ruby ex.from Flying to fire and electric.
Pokemon Amplifier.

Originally Posted by ChaosKing View Post
how do you compile scripts with script ed and is there any other better script editors plz plz plz answer plz plz plz
Save your script with no spaces in the name in ScriptED's folder, put your ROM in there too with no spaces and open the script with ScriptED, click compile and done.

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