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  • I just wanted to come down here and tell you that I love Pokemon Orchid. I replayed the alpha multiple times in a single sitting. Hacking has surely come a long way. Do you ever have plans of continuing Orchid?
    You'll need to compile rgbds from its latest code. Or just use this patch: polishedcrystal-3.0.0-beta-d0b3f97.ips
    actually did your boyfriend end up passing his physics thing? i don't remember how that turned out...
    while touched answered my question rather completely probably
    here's a lot of the discrepancies i was speaking of
    Also, I also have grievances on a lot of the merger/new forum layout stuff so you're not alone :P
    Hi! I'm not ignoring you and I will reply to your post at some point when I get the spare time. As you can understand it's not going to be a flying visit!
    Hey, regarding the report you just filed, the thread is actually in the right place: for now, the ROM Hacking forum is acting as what was previously Help-Me-Hack. While this isn't necessarily set in stone, for now threads asking for help ROM hacking belong there. Just thought I'd let you know.
    i actually did dump my emerald and fire red roms off the cartridge
    still doesn't detract from the point anyways; having a physical copy doesn't entitle the user to a software/digital copy and it's still piracy
    jaja ¡de nada! gracias por la esperanza de buena suerte~
    fbi told me the other day that asm is practically obsolete and we should all move to c sooner or sooner
    oh, thank you~ i'll stick around for at least until high school ends/high school gets too busy, but i see school getting easier from here on out. i have no idea what uni will do to my schedule, but it's ripped others' to pieces (gogojjtech coming to mind) ;-;
    but yeah, thanks for reading and i'm glad i've done you a good service! hope next week and those following are better for you~
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