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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
I think that if you take religion too seriously and start persecuting people because yeah, gô∂ (or whoever) wouldn't like it, as the point of religion is to create order and peace.

I think the atheist people can go to (my) hell if they don't believe in (my) Jeebus but that's something for God to take care of, not me. I'm here to help. If you seriously want to know more, I'm here to help. However I'm not gonna hassle you about it in the middle of San Francisco, and if you don't want to I won't come knocking on your door with the Bible in my hands and hassling in my mind. Besides, Apossul Apostle Paul says I'm not supposed to "hassle in the name of Christ" so screw you Born Agains, I'm doing it the way I very darn feel like.

Please do understand, Atheists, that we're not supposed to be like them. COME LOVE US ON SUNDAYS PRTYPLZThat just makes me angry. Christians and most religious people are already living life to the fullest. I distinctly remember a passage in the Bible (I dunno where) that says "God created wine and **** so you could have FUN" so yeah...we're living life to the fullest. Now stop *****ing about our snobby-ness please. We would love to party with you.You should go watch some more realistic and relevant movies, because honestly even my pastor says it's not much more than just 90 minutes of drama than actual learning about Christ and his resurrection.

All in all I think Christianity is about fun (and believe me PC is a great example of Christian fun) while not getting too crazy and disrespecting other people. Everything should be in moderation to live a truly happy life. I hate you, Born Agains. I hope you all die sad and lonely, because that's how people view you. Now put down that Bible and talk to people about music and stuff. You can read it before bed tonight but NOT NOW
Born again just means that you're going to heaven. If you say you hate born-agains, you're saying that you hate all Christians, and Christianity itself, essentially. From what I gathered though, you are a Christian... I think... maybe. lol

Originally Posted by Mockingjay View Post
I don't know where the bible belt is, but I live in southern Louisiana.
Yeah, that's the bible belt. lol