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    "You've Seen GSC Remakes, , but what about a Yellow Remake?"


    1. Stay On Topic
    2. Don't be afraid to post your opinion, they are welcome!
    3. Follow the universal rules of the PC.(And the Showcase rules too :P)
    4. Don't ask for release dates.


    There have been many attempts at a Yellow Remake, but I'll do my best to finish this one!(Knowing me that isn't very likely)
    Pokemon Lightning Yellow
    Language: English, duh

    It's a Yellow Remake, what do you expect to be here?

    • A remake of Yellow(Not 100%)
    • All 3 Starters obtainable
    • Some Towns Remapped
    • Thinking about adding Johto, if the hack really Progresses!
    • Hoenn Pokemon in Some Wild Areas
    • Pikachu is more interactive in common places.
    • Surfing Pikachu Fakemon
    • Minigames
    • New Hero/Heroine
    Not in any specific order


    Bold text is fixed
    Green text means may not be worked on.
    Red text means will be worked on later.
    Blue text means what I'm working on now.
    Orange text means the problem is not verified.
    Purple Text means I don't know how to fix.



    By T

    HTML Code:

    HTML Code:

    HTML Code:

    HTML Code:
    ^^All by someperson2008

    Script help
    Inserting these

    :t025:Things to do before beta 1:t025:
    Might happen
    Working on
    Will do later

    Jessie and James Events

    (Will be very quick.)

    Editing Maps
    (This will take some time.)

    Finishing OWs
    (Time will vary.)

    Adding Additional Events
    (Time will vary.)

    Mapping/scripting some of Johto
    (This will take some time.)

    (The People who made this hack Possible!)
    • Shadows - Creation of the hack, various things.
    • X-Buster-Rombase
    • Balladofwindfishes- Everthing in this post(click to see!)
    • element~- Mapper Of Johto
    • Nine-Tailed Assasin- Pikachu in Titlescreen
    • Thrace- Answering most of my questions
    • X-Aveon - Inserting my Hero Backsprite
    • Pounder_Zeikku - Oak Backsprite

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