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I can understand wanting to work hard for something that's battle-ready, but if people are going for competitive wouldn't you think people are already spending enough time breeding and EV training that taking away useful TMs is kind of becoming overkill? I understand Move Tutors exist, but they're rather limited to how many there really are. I actually agree that TMs should go back to one time use. Would you agree that if they went back to one time usage that these moves shouldn't get removed?

Besides, limiting moves to certain Pokémon is rather silly when you think about Pokémon as a whole game. The point of it is that you are able to use whatever you want how you want it. Now, you can argue "Hey, competitive tiers everything and labels them on how useful they are!" People play more than one tier than just OU. It's not like they're limited in what they can do.

I think if anything taking away TMs like that is just discouraging those who like to partake in competitive battling (Yes, I'm biased, I know =P). Game Freak and Nintendo are well aware of the competitive community and how large it has become, so I doubt they would want to really make them upset. Plus, a lot of moves overlap anyways (Like Dark Pulse, as your example. Who wouldn't want to use it, either in-game or competitively?).
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