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    Standards of subjectively defined political correctness is definitely lagging in rural areas. Though the sample size is relatively small and doesn't necessarily measure hate speech since hate speech is more or less defined by societal customs of urban areas.

    Like Aranarch, I know plenty of LGBT people who will refer to themselves as a...fill in the blank. Sometimes, but not always, speech is not intended to be hateful. And surely something must be intended to be hateful to be hateful given that hateful speech is relative to the user of the speech, there is no broad universal truth to the matter.

    Even using the word, "blacks" is considered politically incorrect in some circles, rather than person of color or African-American. Certainly, African-American is a limiting term, in that, it emphasizes origin and nationality. Sometimes, when referring to black people on a broader scale, internationally, African-American can be inaccurate. Sometimes political-correctness is not necessary the best use of terminology in all contexts.

    Others will say that the term homosexual is politically incorrect, and rather, gay is a better term. This, I think is baseless, the term has no negative connotation in of itself, and scientifically, it a much more precise use of language; the context is essential in accessing whether something is hate speech or not.

    Further, hate speech is often not based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. I would say that most hate speech does not directly correlate to either of these factors directly. Women call each other "bitc*" all of the time, either as a term of endearment or to inflict pain, but I would not call either speech misogynistic; though it can be argued that hate speech to inflict pain is enough as a qualifier.

    Lastly, hate speech does not even need to employ words that are commonly associated with insulting or negative connotations. For instance, is this hateful, (forgive my lacking creativity) "You have no friends, you are unattractive, you are not intelligent, you are completely and utterly a waste of human life. No one in their right mind would consider dating someone as pathetic as you, let alone love you. You will die alone and miserable, and I think that is hilarious, have fun eating like a cow". Okay, I am done, I don't know how good my mean comment skills are, but that statement had no hate words in it, and thus would not be detected. Despite not having any hate words, I would say it is much more hateful than, "I can't believe how retarded I felt when I took my test today." Yes, maybe this person could have employed more sensitivity, but the context of usage is requisite to being hate speech or not.

    People in more urban areas are probably just as hateful or mean-spirited, as all people are in their own respect. This methodology might not actually detect it. Again, it does demonstrate which areas employ and perhaps create political correctness, which is, in of itself, very telling and interesting.
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