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    Name: Cameron Age: 14 Sex: Male Appearance:5'9, long black dreadlocks, wearing a shirt with a radio on it, blue pants, a multicolored jacket, with a pair of running shoes. Pokemon team: Dewy(Dewott) Fury Cutter, Razor Shell, Surf, Revenge. Smash(Croconaw) Surf, Crunch, Ice Fang, Earthquake. Peyton(Smeargle)Dragon Pulse, Mimic, Transform, Sketch, Jolt(Jolteon) Bite, Thunderbolt, Double Kick, Pin Missile. Zaprong(Electabuzz) Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Thunderbolt, Cross Chop. Flyer(Gligar) Headbutt, U-turn, Cut, X-Scissors. Bio: Cameron in a friendly trainer to everyone. He have been caring and playing with pokemon for a long time. He resided in johto but has left home a bunch of times and comes back with a new pokemon.