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    He devolves back into bulbasaur.

    "whhhaatt?" you uttered.

    Even the aerodactyl and Brock looks unfazed, as if the "fakelution" didnt even happened. Your lack of concentration allowed aerodactyl to deliver the final blow on bulbasaur. It was knocked out.

    "your last pokemon now. Oh and did i mentioned the stealth rocks? haha!" Brock gave a wry smile.

    The aerodactyl seemed to grin at you. Somewhere out there a high-pitched giggle boomed. You looked around surprised. it seems Darkrai has yet to finish playing with you and had created the illusion of bulbasaur evolving. You are still in a dream??

    Suddenly there was a flash of light in the middle of the gym and,,, Lunatone appeared! "Darkrai stop your mischief right now!" it commanded and a brillant aura began to swallow the entire gym....

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