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    Originally Posted by Emster666 View Post
    thanks for the hack but it doesnt work for me, the opening movie was bugged and after the press start screen, there was a message that said "The 1M Circuit Board is not installed". And after the button-instructions, there was supposed to be some credits but its all in hyroglyphic, and then theres a pic of arceus and it restarted. Any way to fix that?

    EDIT: nvm, applied the save patch and it works now
    Set your emulator settings towards Flash 128 KBytes and you will not get the error message again

    Originally Posted by ChibiAsh View Post
    I love this idea (and downloaded all the files for it, respectively) but I can't play it due to it not being an .nds , .gba , or .gbc file? What emulator plays the .isp file? :c
    You must patch that IPS file with a clean FireRed ROM and play using VBA emulator.

    Originally Posted by vitorhugo0 View Post
    So far so good, I have just one little issue. The rival pokemon's movesets. While we are toiling around with barely decent movesets our rivals are using thunderbolts,dragon pulses and hyper beams on lvl30! It's pretty unfair, especially so when a Kadabra can only take out 30% hp on a jolteon with psybeam. I can win with my experience in pokemon games but it's pretty damn unfair
    The game is meant to be that hard so you must live up with it. Because we cannot just spend some 20-25 hours to finish this game for what the creator has put so much hard work in it that will be gone useless.

    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    Yeah, the gamer guy is meant to be that way. He never won a battle so I set his Pokemon up that way. Dragon Claw was considered a sp.atk in 3rd gen, so swords dance won't help it. Garchomp's Swords Dance + Earthquake combo pretty much 1 or 2 hit KOs the entire game. So when you're using swords dance, go with that move as a follow up. Or use Iron Head, Brick Break, or Stone Edge. Those are Chomp's best Atk moves I believe.
    So much for that Dragon Claw I say but it is OK as Earthquake can enjoy its benefits. Thanks for the reply by the way.

    Well I was playing the hack yesterday when I saw LIGHT guy with this poke. Can you tell me its type and how many more Fakemons are included like this and Darugis?

    Also when I defeated LIGHT his sprite remained there along with those lost children of Salem

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