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    Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
    Set your emulator settings towards Flash 128 KBytes and you will not get the error message again

    You must patch that IPS file with a clean FireRed ROM and play using VBA emulator.

    The game is meant to be that hard so you must live up with it. Because we cannot just spend some 20-25 hours to finish this game for what the creator has put so much hard work in it that will be gone useless.

    So much for that Dragon Claw I say but it is OK as Earthquake can enjoy its benefits. Thanks for the reply by the way.

    Well I was playing the hack yesterday when I saw LIGHT guy with this poke. Can you tell me its type and how many more Fakemons are included like this and Darugis?

    Also when I defeated LIGHT his sprite remained there along with those lost children of Salem

    There's only 2. Conarp & Blazard. I THINK it's Dark/Fire. But thanks for telling me they stayed there, I'll get to that as well.
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