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    Hey, there tajaros here, I discovered a new technique in Indexing Sprites without using PAINT,GIMP, PHOTOSHOP, etc.

    This is a technique on how to easily insert indexed sprites with, Leafgreen and Sapphire, since the Advance Sprite Editor doesn't support those ROM's, also this might also work for Windows 7 users that can't use the PAINT method (something like that xD)

    Tools Needed:
    - Advanced Series (Mainly The Advanced Sprite Editor)
    - NSE 2.X
    - Unmodified Rom (A Rom that you do not use, eg. FireRed, Ruby, Emerald) Since that's the only INI's the Advanced Series had.
    - Brain

    First Get the sprite that you wanted to Index!

    For me it's my Zoroark Sprite!

    Next Open up the Advanced Sprite Editor and do what I do.

    Then Load your ROM.

    Since we don't need this ROM I'm gonna replace the missigno. Sprite. (You can replace whatever sprite you want, just remember what Pokemon you replaced.
    Now click Edit.

    Now Import your Sprite in all Four Boxes.

    Make sure that "Auto Transparency" is ticked.

    You can see that there are only shadows don't worry, just do what I do.Next Click on "Synchronise Palletes"

    then you should see that it's fixed.
    Now click on "ok"

    After that click on Write to ROM...

    Then type in the box 0x800000 since that's where the huge amounts of free-space are found then click on "Find Free Space" (If you're using an Unmodified ROM then your sprite will be inserted in offset 0x800000) :)

    And were done you have successfully inserted your sprite but, you don't have it Indexed yet... :(

    And even if you use the export command on the Editor it will export in 256 colors so that means it's not Indexed.

    Now to export the Indexed Image using NSE 2.X.

    First Open up NSE 2.X

    Then Load your ROM and click on Pokemon Sprites. And since I replaced the Missingno. Sprites it will be the very first sprite I see when I click on Pokemon Sprites.

    Now click on "File" then "Export" and click on Export Bitmap

    Then export it on any place you want.
    If you successfully done it you should have got a bitmap file...

    Note: You can just Export the Normal Front and Shiny Back Sprites cause they're on the same pallete!

    That's all! :)


    Here is a link to the Advanced Series... :)

    Advanced Series Download:
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