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    GameMaker is better than using an engine in C++. It gives you an easy to use IDE and the company developing it is adding a C++ compiler (to replace the current interpreter) in the next version so it should be as fast as one too. Don't say that the company who are making it are not experts in the programming field because they are. The team that is making it is headed by Sandy Duncan who was head of Xbox in Europe and Mike Daily who created Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings. The company is funded by the Scottish government where the company building resides.
    Yeah the people who made it are in fact experts who have made the entire engine probably in C++. The industry standard.
    GameMaker does a good job of teaching basic programming.
    at the college level you shouldn't be learning such things. Besides, GML is not a good language to learn its sloppy it teaches you bad programming habits. Its like trying to shoot fish in a barrel. Your not gonna learn algebra in college are you? No your expected to go into college knowing algebra.

    I don't see why?
    As I said above GameMaker is very basic, its like the ABC blocks a baby would use. There is not one area of professional game development that I know of that your experience with GameMaker will be beneficial. Since this is a college class I assume you want to develop games seriously. You'll see soon enough that GameMaker will not help you reach that goal.

    As a hobbyist GameMaker wouldn't be a bad toy. If you want to seriously develop games you'll need to look into more professional languages. It doesn't necessarily have to be C++, it could be Java, Python, LUA, C, C++, C# or other languages that engines use such as UnityScript or UnrealScript.
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