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    Originally Posted by RoadMart View Post
    Cool! No pressure, keep me posted. Also mine will have proof since I am redeeming it myself.

    Yeah see, you have a way to check all those little secret details that most can't. I only have Powersaves, and as far as I know there's no way to use that to rip files and check them so I'm outta luck. I was also thinking of getting a New 2DS XL for my US console (my current one has been glitching up for over a year >>) so I guess I could probably mod the extra one for homebrew. Seems tedious though, especially when I could supposedly just ask y'all to check if for me lol.
    Awesome. Thanks so much! See you soon.

    I use the Ninjhax exploit. Honestly, it took me about 30 minutes to homebrew my extra 3DS and put PKSM on there. It's super easy! I like seeing the data of each poke, but it also scares me because people could easily change it and create hacks (I think they just released an update that can change the fateful encounter tag we've been grueling over). Cloning wasn't even the primary focus of the program originally, but it's the best solution for me to do it on my handheld.
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