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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
There's been a change to how the generation based clubs are going to run based on feedback from other members, so I'll tell you about that beforehand and if you still want to reserve it'll still count :)

Basically to avoid the issue of stepping on the toes of the individual generation discussion forums, it has been decided that generation/region based fan clubs may now only focus on the Pokémon introduced in the generation (so for a Hoenn fan club, it'd be focussed on the Pokémon introduced with Gen III and not Hoenn itself), and that the game/region side of things shouldn't come up too much in discussions as this belongs more in the individual generation's own forum. Obviously these aspects will come up from time to time whilst fan-girling over the Pokémon of the generation, but we ask that this kind of talk is kept to a minimum as to avoid the fan club becoming something of a mini-replica of the third generation forum. It may not seem like a huge difference but once the club is actually made it'll make a large impact on the discussions that happen there and the topics that come up as opposed to the older versions of generation clubs, so have a think about it first as to whether you'd still like to make it or not and then I'll reserve it's creation for you. :)
I still wanna. I really do only think about the Pokémon anyways so I'm all set :3
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