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    "you have?"
    "yes, i have. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
    "prof. whats wrong with you?"
    buts its not prof. oak. ITS DARKRAI!
    "i have oak right here. now gimme your soul or i will take oak to the spirit world and eat his soul!" commands darkrai
    but out of nowhere, latios and cresselia appear
    "i came back for my sister!" says latios
    "and i came to stop your wickedness!" says cresselia
    darkrai opens a portal to the spirit world and takes oak
    "we will be back to accompany you on your journey again" says latios
    latios and cresselia enter the portal and then it closes
    since nobody can take care of your pokemon, you and your team move to the johto region. then you meet prof. elm and you tell him what happened to oak.
    "i see. thats sad news. well, i will be happy to take care of your pokemon!" says elm
    so you leave your box pokemon with elm and head to violet city to challenge falknor. on the way there, you find a wild.......
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