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    Originally Posted by BlahISuck View Post
    So TIL that North Korea has a 200,000 strong special operations force. Think SEALS + Rangers + Delta + SAS. It's amazing because that's roughly the size of the marine corps. It's been called North Korea's asymmetric threat, cuz they'll ninja the crap out of South Korea even before war is declared XD
    They have about 180,000 according to wikipedia

    There are about 180,000 special operational forces soldiers.[3]

    Still pretty large, they also have Bio weapons, submarines, nukes, missiles, mortars, automatic weapons, rockets, grenades, 1.5 million strong active and trained military... I could go on but whats the point, everyone thinks they dont have a chance cause they have dated weapons/arsenal. I respectfully disagree look at what ordinary people(taliban) with barbaric training continue to do to our military with nails, homemade explosives, AK's and Rockets..
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