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    Originally Posted by matt0044 View Post
    I really need to work on my wording.
    Um... yeah, probably. To help you out, the logic that I'm getting from your posts here.

    @Jax - I didn't really mean that a fic being abandoned meant that its author didn't plan it out.
    Originally Posted by matt0044 View Post
    Anyways, I hate it when stories stop part way through because the author didn't work the story out prior to writing. Especially when it was good so far.
    Originally Posted by matt0044 View Post
    That another thing that I hate: when writers go all gung-ho on starting a series that haven't thought out yet, resulting in major disappointments.
    Originally Posted by matt0044 View Post
    Well, it's not always like that. I think the reason for that is because the authors were starting the fic without any proper planning and they needed a good beginning to start them off. I know that from experience.
    Just posting those here to show you where I got that idea.

    As I've mentioned in an earlier post as well, there's a variety of reasons why authors abandon fics, and most of them center around the idea that they do plan things out but realize that it's not something they're interested in writing or that people aren't particularly fond of what they're working on. In fact, I have to say I've never actually seen an author abandon a fic completely because they didn't plan things out all the way. So, yeah, I'm still not sure where you're getting the part that anyone abandons fic because they don't plan things out, let alone that this is the primary reason why badfic exists.

    Even then, there's no proper way to tell one of the pantsers (as MW put it) from one of the planners unless the writer in question isn't particularly great at the whole writing business. So, you can't really say that a story's faults are for certain because the author didn't think things through and not just because the author him/herself isn't skilled enough to pull it off or just because the idea itself wouldn't work no matter how much planning you put into it. (There is such a thing as an idea that just won't fit a story.)

    It's their fic, not mine and I'm not the boss of them. I was just saying that, in my OPINION, that I tend to like stories that start from the very beginning (that being the Trainer getting his fist Pokemon) without giving too much away. It's just MY preference.
    Originally Posted by matt0044 View Post
    Plus, I do think that it's important to start a journey fic with the Main character(s) getting their first Pokemon since it's better to have an origin from the get-go.
    The second quote is stated as fact, not as a matter of opinion. You're saying that it's important for a writer to start there, which means that you're saying that, in general, this is a convention that should be followed. I came to this conclusion because you're saying it in response to someone else who told you that it really doesn't matter how a story begins. Moreover, you don't mention what about it makes it important to you, and you follow through by saying that a beginning that includes the starter tradition has to grab our attention, not just yours.

    And I didn't say that it meant the author didn't plan (at least, I do recall).
    This I do admit was a mis-read on my part, although I'm still uncomfortable with the implications I've mentioned earlier -- the ones where fics fall flat for whatever reason because planning hadn't been done. (Not everyone works that way, as MW had mentioned.)

    As for nothing happening until the first Gym, this can be solved with extra stories before the Gym like more captures, character development or even character introductions.
    But if they're not related to the plot you had at the lab, then everything between where the story begins and where the plot picks back up feels like unnecessary filler. After all, if you have one chapter in which Team Rocket decides to raid a laboratory and then three chapters of people not doing anything to advance that plot, it just feels like that plot thread temporarily got abandoned -- or worse, like the fic has very little focus. If you start a plot as major as having the evil team show up and say hello, then everything that follows after that should be related because that's what the readers would expect, especially from your beginning chapters. Yes, this is a general statement because it's true. If you start off with the character's potential starter being stolen, most likely, your characters are going to continue thinking about that. Would they continue onward on a normal journey like nothing ever happened, or would they actively chase down the culprits and pretty much blow off the new captures or character development?

    Ultimatum is actually the only fic where I've seen this kind of thing happen and pulled off. The main character's journey starts off normally, but as soon as he hits the first route out of town, he witnesses Team Rocket stealing a Pokémon. Does he proceed on a badge quest? Not immediately, no. What does he do instead? Break into a Team Rocket base. The plot takes off from there.

    In other words, if you're going to have plot-like things happen in the first chapter, you'd better be prepared to follow that instead of the generic new trainer skeleton. However, not every story is about that kind of quest, and sometimes, the character's actual quest should begin after he earns his third badge. If that's the case, then no, you can't connect the starter scene with anything after the third badge if you have plot happen at Point A and then nothing related to that plot until Point B. In other words, plots need to have a sense of coherency. You can't just throw in random other plots if something major happens between Point A and Point B. There needs to be something to connect Point A and Point B, or it'll feel like everything from Point A to Point B is just tacked on as an afterthought.

    Look, I'm sorry if I offended you or made you mad in anyway.
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