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    Originally Posted by PKMN_Sage
    Is the battle system project being halted? There hasn't been any discussion in this thread for awhile. I got a question too. Would this battle system be easy to use, especially for I'm a newbie to both RM2k3 and to this board.
    I am sorry I havent been able to do much work on the battle because I have exams and so does pretty much everyone else on this project. I have another week of school before the holidays so I will have to wait till then.
    In answer to your question, yes it should be easy to use but I would reccomend using rm2k3 for a while before implementing this into your game because I am sure it will be a bit hard to do. I have yet to see when we will get a demo out but it should be soon. If other people reply to this topic I will write back but I havent had any progress for a while so I don't post here (I check it every now and then).

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