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    Originally Posted by Nerdman View Post
    Hey everybody, I'm playing emerald and i've hit a wall.

    I've beat team magma at Mt. Chimney/their hideout, I have the magma emblem, and I still can't get into Team Aqua's hideout. I've read through walk through guides and wiki answers, but I still can't seem to figure out what I haven't done yet in order to get into the hideout. I'm pretty sure that I haven't met Capt. Stern yet anywhere and I've been wandering around Slateport for awhile now. What else do I need to do because I can't go any further into the game without getting into the hideout.
    Could someone try to make something reasonable/helpful out of what I just posted? Or could someone post a link to a really good step by step process of how to get all of this done? I'm sorry if I am a little vague, but I'm kinda burnt out on the whole thing and I could use any help I can get.

    Before you travel to Slateport, you must first go to Mt. Pyre. My Pyre is located to the South-West of Lilycove - to get there, you travel left from Lilicove, until you reach the Safari Zone entrance. You should see a little port, and then you travel downwards from there. You will need surf. The mountain looks like this (click spoiler)

    Then you will need to travel to the top (not of the tower, but of the cave) and battle Team Aqua and the Old Lady will give you an orb. From there, I believe, you can travel to Slateport, and after that adventure then you can go into their hideout.

    This video should help: