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    OH CRAP. I read the beginning of that spoiler thing with the info on the new anime series... I MUST CATCH UP!!!!!!!!!

    But I do love the current (on my watching schedule) opening. At first I didn't like it much but now I love it. Don't wanna spoil the new one by listening to it before I'm up to it though.

    I... kinda already spoiled it though, by reading the beginning of that spoiler thingy..... >.<

    Well I guess I'll be catching up now... I can't seem to sleep (even though it's 4:30 AM and I have school tomorrow) so umm yeah. To Crunchyroll I shall go.

    Seriously though, watch on Crunchyroll. They get the episodes the FASTEST (only an hour after Japanese broadcast time) and it supports the creators.

    And if anyone wants, I have some free all access passes that you can use... I think they'd activate when you decide to use them... They expire periodically and most of mine just end up rotting. So if you want one, to watch Bleach as soon as it comes out, in high quality, and while actually supporting the creators, let me know.