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    Pokemon: Rise of the Titans (M for blood and Violence)

    Spots Left: 3

    IC Thread

    Info on Greek Mythology:

    The Wikia Page:

    Thousands of years ago the world was ruled by the 8 Great Gods and 6 Goddesses and their Pokemon Links. After Zeus defeated his father and locked the Titans away the gods created Pokemon, and made sure each Human had a Pokemon linked to their life force. A Pokemon they could talk to, grow up with, share emotions with, and die with. They determined what would happen in the world, who prospered, who didn't. Who lived and Who Died. As well as disastors and diesease along with other tragedies. But as the years passed they faded into legend. People no longer acknowledged their exsistance but they were still there always watching over the world and having Demigod children. Now it's the year 2012 and trouble has started. The Titan's imprisoned in Tartarus have started to gain strength and one by one are escaping from their prison to cause trouble in the world. Demigods and creatures know what is happening, but the mortals think they are just strange natural distastors. The Gods and Goddesses in fear of not being able to push back all the Titan's on their own have decided to choose 14 demigods, one child of each god or goddess to help in the fight against the Titans.

    You are the Son/Daughter of one of the Greek Gods/Goddesses. You and your Pokemon Link have been selected by the Oracle to help in the fight to stop the Titan's. But beware the journey will be hard. Lies and Deceit lie around every turn. And the titans have recruited the help of many creatures who will do whatever they can to stop you.

    Spoiler: Each Location listed on the map will be visited

    1. Follow All PC rules
    2. Posts must be AT LEAST 8 Lines
    3. This RP is rated M for Blood and Violence.
    4. Swearing will be alowed just keep it to a minimum.
    5. Romance will be okay but it must be kept at a kid friendly level.
    6. No one can have the Same Pokemon Link, and no one can have a Legendary Pokemon.
    7. No Godmodding or Bunnying
    8. If you have a Problem with another rper bring it up in private with me.
    9. Post AT LEAST twice a week
    10. If you go two weeks without posting, you will get a 24 hour warning before you are removed from the rp
    11. If you drop out or get removed from the Rp your character will die, someone else can make a sign up and will be magically transported to the others location through the powers of the gods.
    12. We will be staying in a group the majority of the rp.
    13. Pokemon are understandable in this.
    14. No Guns, only weapons like swords, spears, bows an arrows etc.
    15. DO not over power yourself, no one person will be more powerful than another.
    16. I will control the NPCS, like the Gods/Goddesses, the Titans, and the monsters, you can control these NPCS if you PM and ask for permission to
    16a. The only exception to this rule is with the monsters, if we are facing a large group of them you may control them without asking first
    16b. If you want to wander off on your own to fight a monster PM me first, though after (If you Survive) you must return to the group.

    Son of Zeus - Electric: Joshua Darren and Ralax (Luxray) | IceFyr1928

    Daughter of Poseidon - Water: Kiara Wilson and Alisha (Floatzel) | ~Genevieve~

    Son of Hades - Ghost: Marcus Jones Hayden and Brutus (Golurk) | Baloth

    Child of Ares - Fighting:

    Son of Apollo - Dragon: Gordon Freeman and Drakos (Dragonite) | heretostay123

    Child of Hermes - Flying:

    Son of Hephaestus - Steel: Nero Ginson and Phanlanx (Escavalier) | PkmnRangerJ

    Son of Dionysus - Bug: Brown Matthews and Demetrius (Ledian) | -Sam

    Daughter of Demeter - Grass: Noa Liula and Tia (Cacturne) | Starsprite

    Son of Athena - Ice: Eren Ritter and Pallas (Glaceon) | TornZero

    Huntress of Artemis - Ground: Tera T Tiran and Flygon | Khawill

    Child of Hestia - Fire:

    Sexually Ambiguous Son of Aphrodite - Psychic: Aphrodi Narcys and Pandemos (Espeon) | machomuu

    Sign Up:
    Name: (First, Last, Middle Optional)
    Gender: (M/F)
    Age: (Between 14-18)
    Godly Parent:
    Apearance: (What does your character look like? 1 Paragraph or a picture)
    Weapon: (no Guns, also list what powers your character gains from their godly parent)
    Personality: (How does your character act? What are their likes? Dislikes?)
    History: (What was your characters life like before they found out they were a Demigod? What has it been like since? 2 paragraphs)
    Pokemon Link Species: (What Species, no Legendaries)
    Pokemon Link Name: (What is your links name?)
    Pokemon Link Gender: (Same as your characters)
    Pokemon Link Personality: (can be as long as you want, at least four sentances)

    The Gods(Appearances/Pokemon Links):
    Zeus: Zapdos

    Posiedon: Palkia

    Hades: Giratina

    Ares: Terrakion

    Apollo: Rayquaza

    Hermes: Tornadus

    Hephaestus: Registeel

    Dionysus: Genesect

    Hera: Regigigas

    Demeter: Shaymin

    Athena: Articuno

    Artemis: Landorus

    Hestia: Moltres

    Aphrodite: Mesprit

    Titans (The Titans will not have Pokemon Links, neither will any other enemy):
    1. Cronus
    2. Oceanus
    3. Tethys
    4. Hyperion
    5. Mnemosyne
    6. Themis
    7. Iapetus
    8. Coeus
    9. Crius
    10. Phoebe
    11. Thea
    12. Atlas
    13. Gaea

    Other Enemies:
    1. Empousa
    2. Gorgons
    3. Harpies
    4. Hydra
    5. Chimera
    6. Manticore
    7. Minotaur
    8. Ophiotaurus
    9. Sirens
    10. Nemean Lion
    11. Cyclopes
    12. Giants

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