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    In an evolution based deck I would run Comnputer Search over Gold Potion because it improves your consistency in getting out your Blastoise by searching for the key combo pieces you need. Also you have four Super Scoop Up for healing anyway. I would max out Skyla and remove a Rare Candy, since Skyla can search for Rare Candy anyway and Rare Candy can become a dead draw mid to late game, especially if you are running four of them. You're better off searching for Rare Candy when you need to use it and running less copies of it.

    It seems you've hit the other end of the supporter spectrum as well. I would stick to 4-4-4 Juniper, N, Skyla and then run two Cilan. I think you can drop the lone Bianca and the two Random Receivers. I would remove Super Rod as well. The thing is, there's just more important stuff you need to add in and Super Rod is one of the first things to cut in all honesty. You now have space to add in a few Eviolite.
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