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    Title: Challenged Accepted

    Chapter 1: A New Beginning
    Just another win of Overwatch is needed for me to be a Diamond player. But I need to get to sleep so I can start my Pokemon journey tomorrow. Fine, I will go to sleep so I could be ready for my journey across the Unova region. The next day; yea a new day, a new adventure! I better get dressed before going over to Cheren's house, he is my good friend/rival with his nose stuck in a book. He always knows a great strategy to win on Overwatch. I'm going over to his house first to pack everything that we need for our journey. Then, I have my other friend/rival Bianca, her father does not like the idea of her going around the region by herself. As we are getting ready for our journey, my mom calls me and says that there is a gift-raped up box in my room. I said that I will be right over. I then tell Cheren and Bianca that the Pokemon were at my house. So we finished up, and ran on over because of how excited we were. I got there first because I was the fastest, then Cheren, and last but not least Bianca.
    I chose Oshawott:
    Cheren chose Snivy:
    And Bianca chose Tepig:
    Then we decided to battle with our new Pokemon.