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    A) USERNAME: Blaine395
    B) WHICH GAME: Omega ruby
    C) GENDER: Male

    a) Favorite color: green

    b) Select one of the following which best describes you:
    (Brains, Beauty, Brawn, Brave, Blissful) brains

    c) Favourite Animal: cat

    d) Where would you rather be: snowy field
    (Beach, Forest, Volcano, Marsh, City, Graveyard,Snowy Field, Desert, Large Meadows.)

    e) Favourite Food: ice cream

    f) Do you see yourself as more masculine or feminine than others of your gender? If yes, then which one? no

    g) Which one are you most like? Good or Evil evil

    h) Would you rather be slender or muscular? slender

    i) Which do you prefer? mammal
    (Mammals, Reptiles/Amphibians, Bugs, Fish, Birds or mythical creatures)

    j) List top three favourite Pokemon types in order of preference.
    dark, electric,ghost

    k) What Pokemon do you hate (no more than 5)
    pikachu clones
    l) What profession do you aspire to be most?
    m) Do you rather dress with a variety of colour or in earth tones?
    earth tones
    n) Name a person that Inspires you?
    o) What is your favourite music?
    game soundtracks
    p) What is your favourite non-religious holiday?
    bank holidays
    q) What is your zodiac sign?
    r) Where in the world would you love to travel to?
    s) Would you rather be smart and unattractive or attractive and unintelligent?
    smart and unattractive
    t) What colour do you loathe?
    bright pink
    u) ON a scale of 1-10, how confident are you?
    v) Favourite type of Subject (Art , Science Geology, Ect)
    w) Name one talent of yours.
    x) Describe yourself with three adjectives. Example: smart, kind, pretty
    y) Which Pokemon trainer from anime/games do you identify with most?
    z) What type of Pokemon do you loathe? steel
    Bumping up my submission because no one has seemed to notice it.