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    Originally Posted by Sabrewulf238 View Post
    This could easily be resolved by treating each region as a pseudo fresh start. Sort of like what Ash does in the anime.

    So until you've defeated the elite four for a region you would be forced to leave your old pokemon behind (think customs stopping you at the gate) and would only be able to access them while you're in the old region. (or battling/trading over wifi) Then when you have defeated the elite four of the new region you can use any of your pokemon in the post-story (end game) section of that region.
    Keep in mind he occasionally brings in his older Pokémon, though. For instance, Bulbasaur appeared in Hoenn for one episode to greet May's Bulbasaur acquired from the grass Pokémon's habitat (it then returned to Oak to keep the peace in his field). At this point, he did not have all of the badges.

    I could go see how many he had, but I'm lazy right now.

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