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Originally Posted by Jobrjo View Post
Oh... well I was using the same computer that couldn't view youtube. I'll view it now, thanks.

Edit 1: Alright, I saw it. However, how did you make it go so fast? Remember: "Abosolutely no cheating and/or hacking. This means all Pokemon must be legit, along with moves and stats. Trading, of course, is allowed (and so is migrating); but Pokemon obtained via hacking are not allowed to be used. Please be honest here."
I'll let it slide now, but from here on out speed enhancers are also illegal.

I'll get to your as well myrrhman.
This is legit don't worry. i recorded it on an emulator, and I only use speed boost which fast forwards the game. I didn't cheat in any way, it's just so I could spam moves and make it easier.

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