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OK, I'm most likely gonna finish this. If I don't, I'll leave a note at the bottom.

Character Name: Gale Sapphire Hana
Nicknames: Saph, Cobalt, Sapphire
Gender: Female
Age: 14, but somewhat mature and brilliant for her age
Birth Date: December 16, 1993
Appearance: In a nutshell, Gale is average-size in waist, but has a D-cup, which men often stare at. She is roughly 5'6" in height, which is taller than most girls her age. Gale has silky straight golden blonde hair that ends at roughly her chest, and sapphire blue eyes that may pierce through the skin of some. She has no flaws in her skin, except maybe the occasional scratch or two.

As for attire, Gale tends to wear the same thing no matter what the temperature is. She wears a white t-shirt with sleeves that end at the elbow. She has green camo capris that end roughly an inch above the feet. She wears black school-girl like slip-ons, with short white socks to cover her feet. Gale will occasionally wear a white kitty eared cap, and a white kitty tail to go with it.

As for cold weather, Gale can withstand temperatures from 33º F to 69º F. When it gets below that, though, she puts on a sapphire blue scarf with a wave-like pattern design. She also puts on a sapphire blue faux fur coat, whereas the faux fur is a beautiful pearl white. Gale will then put on black hiking socks to keep her feet warm.
Personality: Gale can be defined as shy and quiet overall. She can be stubborn, but only when someone asks her to do something that goes against her wishes. She is a great tactician, and is able to determine a person's strategy by watching them in battle or by looking up their data on a small device that seems to be a cross between a PDA and a laptop. She can also determine a wild Pokemon's patterns in terms of attack and defense, and can devise when it is right to attack. Finally, Gale may be a bit scatterbrained, causing her to screw up on some things, and she may space out, causing her to miss bits of information or get kidnapped and whatnot.
History: Gale, being an orphan, has really been a nomadic. She hasn't exactly traveled far, but she's still traveled back and forth between areas from time to time. She has seen things other people might have not seen, or views invisible to the naked eye. She grew up in a rough orphanage before then, which may be how she got to develop such abilities. Gale also has some fighting experience, as she had to ward off the bullies in the orphanage somehow. When she got too powerful, though, the people kicked her out, calling her a "terror". Gale could never forget that, and it still hurts today.
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