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Posted September 13th, 2019
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Sorry for the double post, but I found a possible issue. I don't know if it's intentional, but the EV-reducing berries don't do anything. Trying to use them has that Oak message where he said it's not the time to use it. That sucks because dedicated EV-investment would've made this a smoother playthrough.

Then again how rocky it was, starting from when I battled the E4 for the first time, elevated the hack from being just fun and engrossing, to also being intense and often downright maddening. A range of emotions were felt with the hack. It's the best fakemon hack I played that isn't named Clover. The replay value is so high, it's one of a few hacks where I'd like to complete the dex or go beyond and make a living dex. It does speak a lot of how good it is that even though I farmed for Rare Candies and had over 30 in total, I committed to grinding in the wild (Vs Seeker would've been better, for both EXP and money grinding as I was close to being broke at the end of the game).

So yeah, great work on this hack. I'd like to play the other Touhou hacks thanks to this.
That is intentional. The EV reduction berries weren't enabled in the original version of this hack, and I didn't particularly enable them myself, nor will I more than likely.

The 'Vs Seeker' not being in there is simply due to rematches being broken, having needed to use those trainer slots for Johto.

And good luck, if you do go for the living dex. If there are any that you can't get your hands on, then let me know. That'd be information I'd like to know.