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    Originally Posted by = GPR = View Post
    I liked the shading of the fins on Eelstrom. I feel like they provide texture and definition to the sprite...

    but that definition is lacking on raiking! You may want to consider adding the same type of shading to his dorsel fins... it would make the sprite more dynamic... I like the 'sharp' look you're going for with raiking, but the two dorsels are almost flat looking ^_^ Nevertheless, I LOVE LOVEEEE the patterns you incorporated into the line, and how your stayed consistant with your shading!

    (Keep Spriting!>
    Dorsal fin or Pectoral fins? Cause the shading on the dorsal fin is the same throughout the whole line, whilst if speaking of textures and you'd be addressing the Pectoral fins, then yeah, Raiking doesn't have the textures, but that's because he lost those fins and they became sharp blades. :3

    Alrighto, here's the Fire starter line:

    Firitty -> Fligra -> Pyravoc