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Posted November 23rd, 2019
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Thanks so much for your help. However when I try to use the updated one (with the x's changed to variable 37) I get the follow error:

Exception: RuntimeError

Message: Script error within event 13, map 112 (Sprite testing facility):

Exception: NoMethodError

Message: Section197:17:in `restoreteam'undefined method `totalhp=' for #<PokeBattle_Pokemon:0x11b7e588>

I've tried switching around the order in which the values are restored but it's always the first stat after level that causes an error.

this is my full code:
def saveteam
$game_variables[37] = []
for i in $
i.level = 50 # Set this to whatever preset level you want

def restoreteam
for i in 0...$game_variables[37].length
poke = $[i]
clonepoke = $game_variables[37][i]
# Need to set all these variables because the calcStats from before the battle changed them
poke.level = clonepoke.level
poke.hp = clonepoke.hp
poke.attack = clonepoke.attack
poke.defense = clonepoke.defense
poke.speed = clonepoke.speed
poke.spatk = clonepoke.spatk
poke.spdef = clonepoke.spdef
poke.totalhp = clonepoke.totalhp
$game_variables[37] = 0