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    My teams grow like a tree from a small seed, in the form of my first team member. After my first member is built the way I like, I build something closely resembling that pokemon's strategy. The next poke I check to see between the two, what I would need in terms of typing or attacking prowess I would need and build from there. I like to abuse cores like a standard Grass Water Fire core (My favorite so far is the Cacturne, Floatzel, Magmortar offensive core in NU which I made) or if I feel my team is weak to Stealth Rocks or Spikes or something, I find a Rapid Spinner that would fit nicely into my team.

    If it grows too far away from what I originally had, then I normally will scrap it and start over again later. But when I get a combination of pokes that share a common strategy, then I know I did it right and that the team's ready for battle.