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    Daegon> I noticed you set up the new rule about new game thread requirements and thought I'd set a good example ;)

    Dawson> I'll always remember you as Phoenix m8! Anyhoo, when you play the game it'll hopefully be clearer. Ya know, that was the major gripe I had with Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. The graphics were so beautiful, but it was too dark so you could only really admire them without night vision in the really bright places where you're prone to being spotted. lol. Oh well.

    The movie quality wasn't too hot, hopefully it'll be better when you get to play the demo. I'll really only get the chance to work on the game on weekends, so don't expect rapidfire progress updates.

    mattgcn> Anvil Studio is the best freeware MIDI compose I've found yet. I have a few more sitting on my computer I haven't tried yet, but I still like it a lot. It can be slightly annoying at times, but it gets the job done. About MIDIs versus MP3s, I think MIDIs for me are easier to make without having to worry about samples and all that stuff, but how it sounds depends on the computer playing it, plus the quality isn't great. I was thinking about MP3s, but I couldn't find any good freeware programs for it. The best ones like Fruity Loops and Cakewalk are rather expensive.

    The composition process is lengthy, so if you'd like to try your hand and some pieces of your own for this game, feel free! I could use the help, actually. Atmosphere = stealthy, perhaps cavernous, delicate, etc. idk.