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    Originally Posted by churchey View Post
    So since about the fire cave area (between 1st and 2nd badges iirc), I haven't been able to enter grass or cave areas. I slowly made my way through the cave via judicious use of save states.

    I either hit a spot and freeze as if a random encounter is about to begin but then just get a game freeze and have to reload, or meet a ???????? level 0-level 16 that can only use struggle and only gives 1 exp.

    With no random encounters, the last pokemon I came across (and caught) was my tynamo. Since then, I've only been able to progress because of my habitual grinding. I couldn't stick with my old standby of grinding random encounters, I switched over to Vs. Seeker grinding, which I also "cheat" somewhat by using a save state to reload again and again until the Vs. Seeker gives me all opponents on screen. Even then, it's been hell to level up and fight on a somewhat even foot with anything.

    Part of this is to do with the wonky additions of moves to the game. Dragon Claw is supposed to deal 20 more than Dragonbreath and be a physical move instead of a special. But my Garchomp with a Jolly nature (-special attack +speed) deals very similar damage, despite having nearly double the attack that she has special attack (159 vs 84). I didn't notice it and just assumed a weak attack stat for some reason, but I know that Dragon Claw is for sure a special based move now, because the damage from it is hardly higher than Dragonbreath even after 3 sword dances (+6 attack stages). So basically, my physical based starter with -special attack stat is stupidly weak, since I replaced her slash with dragon claw, assuming that with the STAB and Dragon Tooth it would be a great upgrade. Instead, I have a weak trash starter that can't 1hit level 30s using an 80 power STAB and item upgraded ability at level 45.

    Things are getting slightly better now that she has Earthquake, but it was possibly the most difficult gameplay experience I've had in a hack or game yet, which isn't a compliment. I've played Blaze Black/Volt White 2 in challenge mode, and I enjoyed it. This gameplay is annoying because I can't grind anywhere efficiently and I'm stuck with my 4 pokemon because of bugs and glitches, while my starter was pathetically weak for most of the game I've seen so far despite being one of the Psuedo-Legendaries.

    As far as storyline goes, it's a bit cliche for my tastes, but original. The text is somewhat cringeworthy and the fact that my character "talks" back at people is something that I cannot say I enjoyed in any way, since I play me and certainly don't want my lines scripted. The absurdly strong opponents are annoying. If you wanted me to blackout, skip the battle scene and just have a cutscene. There's no point to making me have a pointless battle. If it were something like my starter throwing out a ton of abilities that do nothing and then getting knocked out, that would be one thing, but it's just a waste of time to have my start a battle and get knocked out instantly, followed by a lot of really terrible dialogue. Then there's a lot of random fights that are similar. I fight a bunch of level 30 pokemon and then all of a sudden here's a level 50 entei one-shotting everything I have. If he hadn't used 3 rounds of eruption on my flash-fire houndour (who I can't level because it's too difficult to keep that many pokemon leveled) while I healed my pokemon, I would've been stomped to the curb. Then there's the level 90 giovanni that I'm not sure is supposed to be available but on the other hand, who knows, maybe you just wanted to knock me out pointlessly again.

    Overall, a lot of the nuances that make pokemon interesting to older crowds (knowing STABs and natures and IVs and EVs etc etc) are kind of pointless since I'm not even sure which abilities are special and physical. My best bet is to do the opposite of what would normally be strong (stacking physical abilities on a pokemon who has a high attack stat for example) and instead get pokemon with rounded stats and just go for type-counters without paying attention to their stats or natures, because nothing deals physical anyway, apparently. I shouldn't be that harsh, since my experience was just with the one move. But I spent a long time making the decision only to find I had made my starter incredibly weak, essentially wasting his incredibly high attack stat solely on "dig" which takes 2 rounds, only has 10 PP in a game that really stretches the distance between pokemon centers, and can't hit flying. >:|

    I've used the search-thread tool to try and find some answers, but it hasn't provided me much aid. If anyone knows why my game is this buggy/how to fix the freezing, I'd appreciate any insights. Also, am I doing something wrong that I only have 2 badges with level 50 pokemon?
    That's the great part of the game.. Grinding.. How great you feel all the fulfillment seeing all your hard work pay off. Believe me, if you think you're having a hard time grinding.. I have my whole team at level 100.. All are completely EV trained (One member of my team is a Legendary, Kyorgre, who needs tons of EXP)..

    I restarted the game thrice, playing each starter.. And for me, Gible IS the best starter in the game.. Okayy.. Leave STAB alone.. Go for more varieties of moves.. Garchomp learns tons of sweet moves.. He can learn Iron Head, Stone Edge, Swords Dance.. and other great moves through TM's..

    And there is no 4th Gen split.. So it would be 3rd Gen split.. Yeah, all Dragon-type moves in 3rd gen games are special..

    Scripted dialogues of a main character not nice for you? Geee. That's strange. You are not a fan of Final Fantasy, are you?

    What Gyms have you beaten already?

    The Giovanni battle is optional anyways.. so if you find it frustrating, leave him be. Easy.

    Enemies too hard for you? Think harder strategically..

    The difficulty is one of the best factors why Dark Rising almost made it through the nominations of HotY. IMO, it's great to keep you hooked into the game.. I don't like breezing through a whole game (especially official ones) with a little overpowered untrained (EV) starter.. too easy.


    Originally Posted by PokeGeisha View Post
    Haha hi! I use stun spore!:D Speaking of which i should use butterfree in this game as a main pokemon.XD
    Please, don't.. You will surely regret that. Pseudo-Legendaries even have a hard time winning a important battles.

    Originally Posted by Iceypunchy View Post
    What i'm supposed to do now?I have 7 badges and i guess i can't do anything anymore[or i have to start all over again and play the final version] :<
    Maybe you forgot one gym to challenge.. Perhaps.. Blitz's?

    But, I do remember the same situation to me before.. I think that is a bug.
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