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    Originally Posted by daniforday View Post
    Now I found a bug that is stopping me to go foward. At the beginning of Dragon Valley, the second time that you found a stone to use the HM Strenght (There is 2 stones in this part, side by side), there is a trainer (a hiker) that calls me for a battle. His saying "A battle with you, so high up!". After that the game restarts :/ I can´t pass this part of the game. Anyone can help?
    That problem has been fixed in previous updates. Go to the main post and download the updated ips, patch it to a new clean fire red rom, and reload your save file. After that, leave the map that the hiker's in & enter a building or something. Once you do that, leave the building, go back to where the hiker was, and the problem should be fixed. The problem was, the hiker had a corrupted trainer sprite which I fixed a long time ago but I forgot to switch the trainer sprite for that specific hiker.
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