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    Episode 31: An Elite Meet and Greet

    "Okay, Tails!" Ash called as he heaved the Poke Ball containing his Buizel skyward.

    [Hi, I'm Tintri!] Tintri smiled.

    [I'm Diddy--nice to meet you!] Diddy grinned.

    [I'm Gaia--welcome!] Gaia smiled.

    [And I'm Estrella--welcome aboard!] Estrella chirped.

    [Nice to meet you guys.] Tails grinned. [I look forward to making some waves with you all.]

    Ash seemed pleased that Tails and the other Pokemon would get along. "If there's any problem or disagreement, you guys can always come to me, okay?"

    [Gotcha.] Tails smiled.

    "Hey, Ash, come check this out!" Ash heard Brock call from a TV lounge. Piqued, he hurried over to the lounge near the front desk. Brock and Dawn were on a couch, watching a TV tuned to a tournament.

    "Brock happened to find highlights from past Champion Leagues. This guy Lucian, is powerful!" Dawn explained.

    She invited Ash to have a seat on the couch. "I've even made popcorn."

    "Don't mind if I do." Ash smiled, taking some popcorn as he watched the raging battle on the TV. Onscreen, a dark haired girl was battling a dull blue haired boy in an elegant red suit.

    He noticed Tails had followed him to the lounge. "Come on--there's plenty of room." he assured Tails as Tails scrambled onto the couch.

    [Wow...] Tails gasped. He watched as a yellow and black giraffe-like Pokemon slammed the girl's Scizor against a boulder. [Who is that guy?] he asked as the giraffe-Pokemon wove around the Scizor's desperate Slashes.

    The group watched in awe as the giraffe-Pokemon jumped, making the Scizor's claw get embedded in a rock. It then leaped to the top and fired a Psybeam, knocking the Scizor out. "Whoa..." Even Brock was impressed.

    "How do you even begin to face someone that skilled?" Ash wondered.

    "Lots of preparation, and faith in your Pokemon." a male voice replied.

    Dawn whirled around and gasped to find the same dull blue haired boy approaching them. "No's Lucian!"

    "I am humbled and amazed a real Elite Four member would be so kind to join us here." Brock began.

    Lucian stifled a giggle as Brock bowed before him. "We do publicity as much as other regions' League members' do. Tell me...what brings you three here?"

    "I am Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town, in Kanto." Ash began. "I'm here to challenge the Shinou League."

    "I am Dawn Solberg of Twinleaf, and I wish to follow in my mother's footsteps as a Grand Coordinator." Dawn replied.

    "I am Brock Harrison of Pewter City, in Kanto." Brock began. "I aim to make my mark on the Fantasy Stage, and jump start a career as a singer and storyteller."

    "A pleasure to meet you all." Lucian smiled. "Let's go outside and visit--it is a nice day, after all."

    "Good idea!" Dawn led the way outside, unaware that Mars and Jupiter were watching them through the bushes.


    "So, how do I get a chance to face you or your fellow Elites in battle?" Ash wondered as the group gathered around a picnic table. "You looked so calm battling that girl!"

    "Well, trainers that win a Pokémon League Conference earn the right to enter the Champion League." Lucian explained. "There, they battle the Elite Four and the Pokémon League Champion. "In order, you must face Aaron, the bug tamer. Bertha, the mistress of the ground. Flint, the brave flame. Then me, the Psychic sage. Once you defeat me, you earn the right to face our Champion, Cynthia."

    [Wow!] Tails gasped. [I wanna battle you, right now!]

    "Tails!" Ash hissed. "Asking someone to battle right away is rude!"

    He sighed. "My apologies, Lucian--I just got my Buizel Tails yesterday..."

    "No need to apologize--I can sense his energy and resolve." Lucian assured Ash. "I have no qualms about Tails battling me here in a friendly match."

    "I'll referee, if you'd like." Brock offered as Dawn found some chalk and started drawing a Poke Ball on a nearby blacktop...


    A whistle echoed through the park as Lucian summoned a bell-shaped humanoid Pokemon. "Brund, let's go!"

    Ash made a T sign at Brock, then fumbled for his Pokedex to read up on his opponent:

    "Bronzong, the bronze bell Pokemon. It can summon rain clouds. People long ago revered it as the bringer of plentiful harvests."

    He waited for the whistle blast that signaled his time out had expired. "Okay, start with Water Gun!"

    Tails heaved a familiar stream of water. But the Bronzong's body turned silver, nullifying the attack.

    That was Iron Defense...let's try something a little stronger. Ash thought. "Tails, use Aqua Jet!"

    [Hah!!!!] Tails cried as he sped towards the Bronzong; only to crash into a shining silver barrier. [No go, Ash--this guy's way too strong!]

    "Brund, use Gyro Ball!" Lucian called.

    Ash gasped when he saw a massive silver ball headed for his Buizel. "Tails, watch out!"

    [AUGGGHHH!] Tails cried as the large ball sent him flying into a tree. [Ow...]

    "Game Set! This match goes to Pearl." Brock announced as Ash hurried to assess Tails.

    "Ash...I'm so sorry..." Lucian began. "I let my excitement get the better of me, and I got carried away. Will you ever forgive me?"

    "Sure." Ash replied. "I know you didn't mean to hurt anyone..."

    "All I ask is your Buizel gets medical care and rest." Lucian replied.

    Dawn gawked in amazement as Lucian left. "Lucian really is the psychic sage...Tails couldn't even make a dent in his Pokemon at all."

    "This wasn't Lucian's fault--Tails got in over his head, simple as that." Ash assured Dawn. "Once he recovers, I'll teach him how to handle opponents at his level."


    "Okay...your Buizel took quite a beating, but he pulled through." Nurse Joy reported as she returned with Tails on a gurney.

    Tails sighed as Dawn and Brock arrived. "Do you think Tails is depressed, Nurse Joy?" she asked. "When we first encountered him, he seemed unbeatable. This was his first real loss."

    "It's possible, but depression is much more serious than a bout of low morale." Nurse Joy reminded Dawn. "For now, keep an eye on him. If his sleep patterns, mood, or eating habits change, let me know."

    [ did your best, okay?] Tintri began. [That Bronzong may be too strong for you now, but if you keep training and getting stronger, you can beat him.]

    Tails sighed again as Ash rubbed his back. "There's a pool nearby--want to go swimming?" Ash offered.

    Tails grunted in reply as Lucian arrived in the room. "Is your Buizel okay?" he asked.

    "Physically, yes, but he's taking losing to you hard." Ash explained. "Before, he had never lost to anyone..."

    "Defeat is never a pleasant thing, but every Pokemon--even the great ones--have to face it at some point." Lucian explained. "I will agree that it hurts the most when you have never lost before, or came within a narrow margin of loss."

    A guitar chord got the group's attention. "Maybe I could inspire Tails with a tale of a hero who bounced back from defeat?" Brock offered.

    "What a great idea!" Lucian smiled. "Please, sing your songs, and tell your tales, and we will listen."

    Brock played a few uncertain notes as he thought of a suitable story. "Okay...this is called 'The Hero's Sword'. It's a type of hero tale from Johto."

    With that, he began. "There was a man who had a son, who lived with him. The man was a hunter, but as the years went by and he grew older, he got weaker and weaker. Eventually he had to tell his son--we'll call him Greg--that soon he would no longer be able to hunt for him. Greg tried to comfort him, and assured him he would recover; but his father said no. If his time to die was close, he had nothing to leave him. What money they had would be enough for his own funeral. Yet he had one thing of value to pass on to his son. It was a sword, and rusty at that, but it would cut down any foe that dared harm its wielder..."


    "...The three deceivers were put to death right then. The true hero received Princess Alyssa's hand and the third part of the kingdom." Brock concluded his tale in the park some time later. "He had a long and prosperous reign, and went on many more adventures with the Beasts. But that is another story for another day!"

    "Bravo!" Lucian led the applause as Brock took a bow. "You are as skilled as you say!"

    Suddenly, a steel cage clamped on top of Tails! [Gah!]

    "I knew you'd show up sooner or later, Team Galactic..." Dawn muttered as Mars and Jupiter arrived to take the cage.

    "Why do you want Tails?" Ash demanded. "Give him back, now!"

    "Wait!" Lucian called. "Maybe a situation like this will allow Tails to renew his fighting spirit."

    [Trying to cage me and take to the zoo, are you?] Tails growled. [I am NOT some wild Pokemon to be locked away and gawked at! I have a master that loves me, and friends that care! And you lot will NOT take them away from me!] he vowed as he banged against the cage.

    With that, he fired a Sonic Boom at the bars, but it only made the cage swing in the air. "Come on, Tails!" Dawn called in encouragement. "Try it again! Sonic Boom! Sonic Boom! Sonic Boom!"

    Say... Ash grinned. After bringing up MyTube on his PokeNav, he typed in something in the search bar. Tails, meanwhile, battered the cage again and again.

    Ash then tapped the PLAY button and turned the volume all the way up, blasting a familiar driving pop beat in Tails' direction. If you're strong, you can fly,
    You can reach the other side of the rainbow...
    some female singers sang as Tails kept attacking.

    It's all right, take a chance!
    Cause there is no circumstance that you can't handle.
    When you use your mind!
    the singers continued, spurring Tails to finally break the cage.

    He landed by Ash's side some moments later. [Keep blastin' that's reminded me why I fight.] he purred as Mars and Jupiter ran towards them. [I want to protect this world from people like those ladies!]

    "If it's okay, Ash, may I take control of Tails?" Lucian asked as Mars and Jupiter summoned Leona and Noctis. "I have an idea..."

    "Sure." Ash replied. "I think the looping version of 'Sonic Boom' from Super Smash Bros. Brawl is helping!"

    Lucian shepherded Tails by his side, aware of the Pokemon trying to attack Tails. "Tails, knock both Pokémon back with Water Gun!"

    "I can't believe Tails is listening to Lucian!" Dawn gasped as Leona and Noctis went flying back with a wave of water.

    "This should amplify Ash's musical motivation!" Brock smiled as he plugged in two wireless speakers, making the song even louder.

    Tails launched his own Sonic Boom, knocking out Leona as the singers sang Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom (Trouble keeps you running faster).

    He then slammed into Noctis with Aqua Jet as the song continued Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom (Save the planet from disaster).

    Lucian watched as the admins fled. "Well done. Remember that Tails has a unique battle style. If you can adapt to it, you two will be unstoppable."

    "Point noted." Ash smiled as he stopped the music.


    "You did great, Tails." Ash smiled as he petted his Buizel.

    [That tune reminded me that I want to be a hero.] Tails explained. [It's like you were telling me one loss is not the end of the world.]

    "Well, we did make a great team." Lucian smiled. "I have faith that you two will continue to grow ever stronger in your quest."

    "I look forward to facing you for real!" Ash smiled. "Not just with Tails, but my whole team!"

    "And you will, with a spirit and resolve like that." Lucian replied. He waved goodbye as the group set off towards the setting sun...

    To Be Continued...
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    Pokemon Shine Diamond
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