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    Okay, for the FORTH time I'm typing this.

    Name: Troy

    Personality: Troy is a usually calm person, who likes to keep to himself. He can often lure people into thinking something that isn't true. Troy is a follower, rather than a leader. He does not usually enjoy reading, and when he makes one descion, he sticks with it the whole way through.He is kind of goth, in the quieter way and enjoys playing tricks on people, which he does easily, seeing that he looks and acts so innocent.

    Appearance: Troy has short, dark brown hair with a green stripe in it. His head is an oval shape, and his eyes are a dark, green color. He has thin, chapped lips and a small nose. He is about six feet and has smooth, pale skin. He has a muscular, but skinny build. He wears a white hoodie with the hood pulled up. He has dark blue jeans that cover his worn-out, white shoes. He wears a thin,tight, white t-shirt under his hoodie.

    Morphing Outfit: His top either consists of the white, tight t-shirt or no shirt at all. He wears black, biker shorts to morph in.

    Battle Morph: Polar Bear
    Spying Morph:Spider
    Flying Morph: Toucan
    Aquatic Morph: Albino-Colored Electric Eel

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