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    Suzaku walked down street thinking of what the guy said"Hmp can any of this be even true i mean turning into animals" he stopped "he said he was gonna he'll know if we betray him
    i wonder if he can fight"Suzaku thought to himself "oh well better head home before she start to worry" Suzaku said.he walked down the street to his house.coming inside the house "a mom iam home "he said as he took his shoes off and put them on the floor"In the kitchen"She said as she was cooking" head up in take a bath almost time for dinner"She told Suzaku to do

    Suzaku headed up the stairs and enters the bathroom,He steps in the tub full of hot relaxing water,"Why cant i get what that guy said out of my mind...If you tell i'll know..Just what dose that mean"Suzaku said while sinking deeper in the water.Afterwards he went down stairs and ate with his mom"So what did you do today Suzaku"She asked him but didnt get a answer"Suzaku...Suzaku"She said.Suzaku just hearing her"Yea mom"suzaku said then changing the subject almost immediately "You know what mom iam not quiet hungry tonight iam going to bed early...good night mom"he said as got up and headed up to his room.He switched to a white t shirt and some shorts he jumps on his bed with the covers under him."What's the matter with me i cnat get his words out my mind"Suzaku said as he puts the pillow over his head.Suzaku taught to himself"Ill defiantly be coming tomorrow, i gotta know what this is all about"He taught to himself as he close his eyes

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