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    Originally Posted by Murt93 View Post
    1. Is it easier to RNG in DPPT or HGSS
    2. Is it easier to RNG eggs or wild pokes
    and I don't know my SID
    These are the only two points I can personally help you on, maybe someone else will help you with the rest...

    I have only ever RNG eggs or wild Pokes in DPPT. It's not easy... well it is easy, but hitting your delay take practice. When I first started I was looking for shiny eggs first, that's acctually not hard. It's going for IV's that takes the most patience.

    I found both eggs and wild encounters to be just as easy. You need an area with no wandering NPC's to do wild encounters, which is difficult. My favorite place to RNG wild pokemon is the trophy garden, because I like cute Pokemon.

    Your SID is so easy to get on your own now. Just go to Follow the directions there on how to edit your DS settings. Connect to their fake GTS server(from within the game, just go to the GTS like normal, but the DS will really connect to Pokecheck), and send over any random pokemon (you won't lose the poke, but if you are nervouse the first time send something like a level 1 Pidgey or Caterpie). You can then view all the stats of your Pokemon, including IV's, EV's, etc... and more importantly for your immeadiate purpose, your SID will be displayed. Pokecheck is awsome for breeding, not just RNG breeding, but the traditional breeding because you can verify the correct IV's of the parent Pokemon before you drop them off at the day care.

    Hope I helped.