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    Episode 2: "Welcome to Shinjuna Town!"

    After being reunited with his bags and his guitar, Brock stepped onto the pier and smiled at the wooden walkways. A sign by the docks told him the town's name--"Shinjuna Town--the boardwalk that welcomes you home."

    Well, Minami's not home--but it is my home away from home for the next month. Brock thought as he strolled down the palm tree-lined path. He looked down at Hinata, who was eyeing a Beautifly flitting from one exotically colored flower to another. Terra was by his left side, keeping a watchful eye on the guitar case Brock was carrying. Emi was napping in her travel bundle, tired from the long voyage.

    The palm tree-lined path led to a pathway that resembled the wooden walkway of boardwalks of yore. Small ramps leading down to the beach were also embedded in the walkway, as if inviting the throngs of people on the walkway to spend an hour or more relaxing in the sand and surf. But for the moment, Brock was not interested in soaking up sun or playing in surf--his first priority was informing his family of his safe arrival.

    He had no problem locating the familiar red roofed Pokemon Center sandwiched between a clothing shop and a general store. For all the people on the boardwalk, the Pokemon Center was surprisingly quiet, save for a few trainers receiving a badge case to hold what badges they earned in Minami.

    After finding a vacant phone, he inserted a coin and dialed his home phone number.

    Emi whining snapped him from watching the phone screen flash "DIALING". Once Emi was safely cradled in his arms, the image of Flint, Lola, and some of the children blipped on the screen. "Hello?"

    "Hi, Dad..." Brock smiled at the image of Flint on the screen. "As you can tell, we made it safely to Minami..."

    "Great." Flint smiled. "Now that you're here, what are going to do first?"

    "First, we're just gonna rest after a long trip." Brock explained as he consulted a map of Minami on the wall. "Then tomorrow morning, we'll start our walking tour by going to Brightstar Town."

    "What's it like where you are?" a girl asked.

    "Well, we docked in a place named Shinjuna Town--which is essentially one huge boardwalk with shops and a midway that overlooks a beach." Brock replied.

    "Cool--maybe you can play your guitar for tips!" a boy suggested.

    That reminds me--I need to practice sometime tonight. Brock thought as Hinata hopped on a stool next to him. "Don't worry, I will still practice while I'm here--if I get a traveling companion, we'll probably have campfire sing alongs..."

    Flint laughed at this. "You've always liked playing for our campouts...but be aware of any rules they may have if you're going to do any busking."

    Terra tugging on his shirt snapped Brock to attention. [Can we go play on the beach?]

    [Yeah, we wanna play on the beach!] Emi agreed as Brock set her on the floor.

    "Just a second..." Brock whispered to his audience before addressing the Vulpix, the Happini, and the Sandshrew before him. "You guys can go play on the beach..."

    [YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!] the Pokemon cheered.

    "However..." Brock continued. "Stay where you can see the Pokemon Center, and come back here when it gets dark."

    [Okay!] With that, Hinata led Terra and Emi past the crowds and into the sandy dunes...


    After a short climb down a rocky outcropping, the three Pokemon arrived on the beach. [Here we are...what shall we do first?] Hinata asked as she looked out on the colorful umbrellas and beach chairs dotting the sand.

    Emi darted up with a sand bucket. [Let's go dig for treasure!]

    Hinata couldn't resist Emi's enthusiasm. [Okay, we'll dig for treasure.] To Emi, even shards of glass or seaweed was treasure.

    [Okay--where do you think treasure is, Emi?] Terra asked. [Just tell me where to dig.]

    Emi led Terra and Hinata to a sparkling patch of sand near the surf. [Start over here.] Terra started digging a small hole in the sand, but all she found was glass shards and some seashells.

    Hinata, meanwhile, spotted an old Shellder shell by where Terra was digging. After a few minutes struggling to get it open, she gasped when she spotted something shiny inside. [Well, what do you know, a pearl!]

    [All we've found is glass shards...] Terra sighed.

    [A pearl?] Emi gasped. [Lemmee see!] She dumped the glass shards in a trash can and eagerly darted over to where Hinata was examining a small round white stone.

    [Brock says pearls mean innocence and purity.] Terra smiled as she too admired the stone.

    [They are also the stones of the sea...] Hinata smiled as she watched the sun sink below the sea.

    [We'd better be getting back to the Pokemon Center...] Terra motioned for her teammates to follow her back towards the boardwalk, just as the first stars of the night began to appear in the sky.


    [Daddy! We're back!] Emi called as she led the others back into the Pokemon Center, where Brock was dozing on a couch. Every one in a while, he would left his head to see if his bag and guitar case were still safe in a storage area, then fall asleep again.

    Emi's voice jolted him awake. "Welcome back..." he smiled as he invited Emi in his arms. "How did your expedition to the beach go?"

    [We found a pearl!] Emi proudly showed Brock the pearl.

    Brock retrieved a tiny bottle from his bag. "Tell you what--let's put your pearl in here, so no one tries to take it from you."

    [Great idea.] Hinata smiled as she watched the pearl fall in the bottle with a tink

    [Can you do any playing for tips at all?] Terra asked--she always liked listening to Brock play guitar, whether jamming in his room at home, open mic night at the coffeehouse, shows all over Kanto, or playing for tips for some extra money.

    "Turns out buskers are welcomed and encouraged here--this is a boardwalk, after all." Brock replied as he retrieved his gear.

    [I'll keep watch over your tips.] Hinata offered as Brock made his way out into the breezy summer night.

    After glancing around the shops, glittering lights, and neon signs, Brock noticed a bench carved from rock that overlooked a small garden. "How's this for a pitch?"

    [We came from the west, and the boardwalk splits into two routes going north and east--plenty of takers.] Terra noted as she gave Brock a jar labeled "TIPS".

    After setting his tip jar in a place where passersby could see it and it would not be knocked over, he opened the guitar case and set to work tuning the beautiful black instrument it carried.

    Once he was in tune, Brock set to work with some simple strumming exercises to warm up his fingers. Yet no matter what sort of exercise he played, he always seemed to return to an E minor chord.

    On a long and lonesome highway
    East of Eterna...
    he sang over the E minor chord he was strumming.
    You can listen to the engine
    Moanin' out his one note song
    You can think about the woman
    Or the girl you knew the night before...

    Some curious onlookers stopped to listen as he continued But your thoughts will soon be wandering
    The way they always do
    When you're ridin' sixteen hours
    And there's nothin' much to do
    And you don't feel much like ridin',
    You just wish the trip was through....

    So here I am,
    On the road again....
    There I am,
    Up on the stage...
    Here I go,
    Playin' star again....
    There I go,
    Turn the page...

    [Is this the one Daddy's been practicing on?] Emi whispered. Hinata nodded as she listened to Brock sing the mournful melody...

    Well you walk into a restaurant,
    Strung out from the road
    And you feel the eyes upon you
    As you're shakin' off the cold
    You pretend it doesn't bother you
    But you just want to explode...

    Most times you can't hear 'em talk,
    Other times you can
    All the same old cliches,
    "Is that a woman or a man?"
    And you always seem outnumbered,
    You don't dare make a stand...

    Here I am,
    On the road again...
    There I am,
    Up on the stage...
    Here I go...
    Playin' star again...
    There I go,
    Turn the page...

    Some in the rapidly forming audience began waving their Match Calls and C Gears in time to the guitar as Brock continued Out there in the spotlight
    You're a million miles away...
    Every ounce of energy
    You try to give away
    As the sweat pours out your body
    Like the music that you play....

    He played the familiar saxophone riff, which faded into the night as he sang Later in the evening
    As you lie awake in bed,

    With the echoes from the amplifiers
    Ringin' in your head...
    he sang over a single D chord.
    You smoke the day's last cigarette,
    Rememberin' what she said
    With that, he resumed strumming an E minor chord as he started the chorus again:

    Here I am,
    On the road again...
    There I am,
    Up on the stage...
    Here I go,
    Playin' star again...
    There I go,
    Turn the page....

    Here I am,
    On the road again!
    There I am,
    Up on the stage...
    Here I go,
    Playin' star again...
    There I go...
    There I go!
    The crowd roared as he played the last saxophone riff, which blended into his last strum.

    [Bravo!] Terra called as the crowd applauded.

    [It's not the same without the whistle...] Hinata sighed as she helped Emi collect tips.

    [Yeah, it needs Ash playing the saxophone parts on the whistle.] Emi agreed. [It sounds better that way.]

    Brock, meanwhile, looked out on his enthralled audience. "Any requests?"

    "'Yellow Submarine'!" someone called.

    Brock acknowledged the girl that had requested the song with a nod, then began In the town, where I was born, lived a man, who sailed to sea...
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