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    Episode 4: "My name is Wendy! The young breeder of Brightstar Town!"

    "So, Brock, what do you do for fun back in Kanto?" the girl asked as the two of them continued down the path to town."

    "Currently, I'm a Pokemon Center volunteer by day, storyteller by night." Brock replied.

    "You tell stories?" the girl gasped, excited. "What kinds of stories?"

    "All kinds--myths, legends and lore from around the world, adventure tales, pour quoi tales, tales of virtue, and tales of my travels across five regions." Brock replied. "When you have a large family like I do, reading a book is usually an exercise in trying not to lose your sanity."

    "I can imagine!" the girl giggled. "I may not have any human brothers or sisters, but with all the Pokemon roaming around Brightstar Dreams, it can get just as chaotic."

    "So telling them stories goes a lot smoother." Brock continued. "With nine other kids in the house, there's never a shortage of material, either."

    He suddenly realized he had not asked the girl her name. "I've told you my name, now will you tell me yours?"

    "I'm Wendy." the girl replied. "Wendy Gorman."


    Brightstar Town wasn't too much different from Pallet Town or any other small town Brock had seen. The only buildings that stood out were a large silver building to the northwest of the town square. The only other large building was the one Wendy was leading him to--a large white building nestled at the north end of town with a red awning at the entryway. He could see a woman similar in appearance to Wendy in one of the aviaries connected to the building, feeding some baby Bulbasaurs while the mother Ivysaurs looked on.

    "Mom, are you about done feeding?" Wendy called to the woman.

    "Almost--let me get the Bulbasaurs and Ivysaurs back inside before you turn Tenku loose." the woman replied as she put away the Pokechow bucket and opened a small door leading inside. "Did you find Raku?" she asked as the Bulbasaurs and Ivysaurs romped inside.

    "Yeah--I had a little help, though." Wendy handed Raku over to her mother to examine before gesturing to Brock. "This is Brock, of Kanto--a fellow breeder. He's not too bad at mimicking bird Pokemon, either!"

    "Nice to meet you." Brock offered a hand to Mrs. Gorman.

    "Weren't you the one in charge of the Gym in Pewter City for a while?" Mrs. Gorman asked. Brock nodded. "What made you decide to get involved in breeding?"

    "If you think about it, Pokemon aren't really all that different from human children." Brock explained. "They need to be loved and cared for as much as human children do."

    "Very true..." Wendy agreed before motioning for Brock to follow her inside. "I'm gonna get Brock settled in and let him meet the other Pokemon, okay?"

    "Okay hon--just be sure to lock the pen if you take the Eevees outside." Ms. Gorman replied as she examined Raku.


    [Wow...] Hinata, Emi, and Terra gasped as they walked into the festively decorated common room, where a number of baby Pokemon and their parents milled about.

    [Hi!] a Pichu called to Emi as he ran after a ball.

    "This is our common room, where all the babies can socialize and mingle." Wendy explained. "Out of all the Pokemon we raise here, I specialize in Eevee and its evolutions."

    "I see..." Brock smiled as he petted an Eevee.

    "In fact, if you ever wondered where all the Bulbasaurs, Charmanders, and Squirtles in Kanto come from, a lot of them are born right here." Wendy continued, giggling a little as a Squirtle spritzed her. "I chose to specialize in Eevee because I like how each Eeveelution has its own unique talent, like actors in a play."

    "Oh?" Brock asked.

    Just then, a Vaporeon trotted in the room and looked long and hard at Brock. "This is Mizuchi." Wendy explained before assuring the Vaporeon "Mizuchi, this is my new friend Brock."

    The Vaporeon, meanwhile, looked Brock up and down, stepped back, and hissed at him. "That's her warning to people and things she feels are a threat." Wendy assured Brock. "She will not hesitate to use Water Gun if you ignore that warning."

    Brock was about to start for another room when he felt a PLISH hit his back. When he turned to see what it was, he saw a large wet water stain on his jacket. "Why don't we head for the living room until Mizuchi's more willing to interact with you?" Wendy suggested as she led Brock and his team into the living room foyer at the left side of the room.

    A brown haired man peeked in the room. "Is everything okay, Wendy? I heard Mizuchi spray something..."

    "I think she's afraid of my new friend Brock, Dad." Wendy explained. "Either that, or one of his Pokemon."

    "Mizuchi's met other tall people before and had no problem." Mr. Gorman mused. "She may be challenging the Vulpix and the Sandshrew."

    "That's probably it..." Mrs. Gorman agreed. "In the meantime, why don't you get Brock settled in while you wait for Mizuchi to calm down?"

    "Great idea." Wendy then led Brock upstairs to the guest room, which was across the hall from the bathroom.

    "You mentioned earlier that you liked the Eeveelutions because their unique skills are like actors in a play..." Brock began as he unpacked his essential items by the bed closest to the entryway. "Have you thought about becoming an actress yourself?"

    "Yeah." Wendy replied from the other bed. "But I've never left on the PokeTheater Challenge because of my duties here...though I've wanted to for the longest time."

    [What's that?] Terra wondered.

    [Is that like a Gym challenge or contest for actors?] Hinata agreed as she laid down on the soft blue sheets on the bed."

    "Basically, you travel to every PokeTheater in Minami and perform in a play there." Wendy replied. "If you do well, the impresario--or impresaria--will give you a rose button that fits your strength--a red rose means you had a great overall performance. A white rose symbolizes an actor's skill, and a pink one symbolizes an actor's appeal. If you get at least five of them, you get to sing the League anthem before the Minami League begins."

    [Cool!] Hinata gasped.

    "But in order to perform in a play, you have to audition." Wendy cautioned. "That's why so many don't bother trying, or only manage to get one or two roses. Many aspiring actors and actresses try every year, but only one will earn five roses and sing for the League--and I've always wanted to be that one."

    "Why don't you show Brock the lyrics you wrote yesterday?" Mr. Gorman suggested as he passed by the room.

    "I will after dinner." Wendy assured her father as she and Brock made their way to the bathroom to wash their hands.


    "...and so after trekking across five regions, I returned to Pewter, where I served as a member of the Pokemon Center's staff." Brock concluded his story of why he had traveled to Minami for Wendy and her family. "But after a few months and seeing hundreds of Pokemon day in and day out, I yearned to travel again--take a walking tour of a region I had never been to, meet some fellow breeders, and learn some of that region's lore and legends for storytelling shows at here I am."

    "I'm sure you know thousands of stories..." Mrs. Gorman smiled before passing Wendy the green beans.

    "Well, I can start your collection off with this Minami tale..." Mr. Gorman offered. "The story goes...."

    Brock scrambled for a piece of paper and a pen. "Okay, fire away."

    "The story goes that long ago, near where Yushoku City is today, Giratina came to Minami seeking to tear the region apart." Mr. Gorman began. "Of course all the Legendaries in heaven were terrified at this, but it was Meloetta that volunteered to stop Giratina. So she flew down to earth and started singing her strongest spellsongs in each of the elements--one for each of Minami's badges."

    "Mm-hm, and then?" Brock asked as he finished writing down a sentence.

    "Whatever these spellsongs were, they were enough to seal Giratina deep below Yushoku." Mr. Gorman went on. "The people rejoiced and hailed Meloetta as a hero--even to this day, there's a huge music festival in Yushoku every spring to commemorate Meloetta's victory."

    "It is said that if someone finds the jewels Meloetta sealed these spellsongs in, and Meloetta deems them worthy, they can sing magic themselves." Mrs. Gorman added. "But very few know what the jewels are, and no one has even tried to find them that I know of."

    "Sounds interesting." Brock smiled as he finished writing down the story's bones.

    Wendy then showed Brock a piece of paper as Mrs. Gorman gathered up the dishes to be washed. "Here are those lyrics Dad was telling you about."

    Brock read over Wendy's neat italic script for a moment, then smiled at one verse. "You know, I think I may have a melody that would fit with this..." he mused as he cleaned his place.

    "The piano's in the living room, if you'd like to play your masterpiece." Mrs. Gorman smiled.

    "Thanks." Brock replied.

    Wendy watched as Brock settled before the majestic black digital piano and limbered his fingers by playing a short boogie-like riff. "Wanna hear another one?" he jokingly smiled. Wendy giggled at this as Brock composed his thoughts.

    Once he was ready, Brock started a quiet yet playful melody that started soft, with a melody line in the higher register. A slightly lower melody answered the first one, before the first melody returned, with the second melody answering.

    I see--maybe two people could sing this? Wendy thought as the two melody lines intertwined with a bass line that built up to a triumphant fanfare. Both melody lines played together for the grand finale, with the first melody line playing the final flourish.

    [Yay!!!!] Emi applauded when the last chord died.

    [Encore!] Hinata agreed.

    "That was great!" Wendy smiled as she applauded. "How did you get so good at composing?"

    "Just like anything else--practice." Brock replied. "My main instrument's guitar, so I've written many of my own songs and arrangements for storytelling shows.

    "Cool--I play a little fiddle myself." Wendy agreed. "I'm not playing in fiddle contests, and I don't know enough to play in jam sessions, but I've always wanted to jam with a guitar player."

    "Well, the basics of any solo is a scale..." Brock started.

    Wendy winced at the mention of scales. "Practicing scales is my least favorite part of practicing fiddle--I keep tripping over the notes every time I try, and even with a metronome. By the time I get the dumb thing sounding right, I've probably played the same thing fifty times!"

    "Maybe if you approached it like you did if you were going to sing them instead of play them, it would be easier?" Brock suggested.

    "How so?" Wendy asked as she watched Brock adjust a few settings on the piano. "I mean, anyone can sing scales--do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do."

    Brock noticed the mirror by the piano, which had Wendy's reflection in it. "I have a little singing game I use to help kids--and absolute beginners in music--understand the concept of scales. It also introduces the concept of improvising in music, which is important if you want to play gypsy jazz and jazz fiddle, period."

    "That's why I wanted to learn fiddle to start with." Wendy smiled. "When I was little, Dad played fiddle in a gypsy jazz band that grew to be pretty popular. But eventually the band broke up because the other members had too many conflicting commitments. He still plays for fun, though."

    Brock smiled. "Okay...I'm going to start the game by teaching you the tune, then you sing it back to me as best as you can without worrying about mistakes. Then we'll both sing it together. Got it?"

    "Got it." Wendy replied.

    "Here we go then..." With that, Brock started a slow shuffle rhythm in E minor. After giving himself a few beats for an introduction, he sang as he played the jazzy tune. Do...

    Do re mi re do, do...

    Do re mi fa fa, so...

    Do re mi re do, do

    So do so mi do mi mi re...

    Do re mi re do, do...

    Do re mi fa fa, so...

    Do re mi re do, do...

    So do ti la so fa,

    So-fa-mi-re do...

    So-fa-mi-re do...

    He then scatted an improvisation around the E minor scale before telling Wendy "Okay, your turn..."

    Wendy swallowed hard, then hesitantly sang Do...

    Do re mi re do, do...

    Do re mi fa fa, so...

    Do re mi re do, do

    So do so mi do mi mi re...

    Do re mi re do, do...

    Do re mi fa fa, so...

    Do re mi re do, do...

    So do ti la so fa,

    So-fa-mi-re do...

    So-fa-mi-re do...

    She then sang her own variation on Brock's scatted solo, with Brock doing a vocal trumpet an octave above to back her up. Then she sang the descant while Brock sang the lead part. Then Brock would sing a variation on his scatted solo, and Wendy would answer with a variation on her part.

    The two of them traded solos like this for what seemed like hours, unaware that Mr. and Mrs. Gorman, Mizuchi, Tenku, and a number of other Pokemon were listening. They then sang together in the key of F minor Do...

    Do re mi re do, do...

    Do re mi fa fa, so...

    Do re mi re do, do

    So do so mi do mi mi re...

    Do re mi re do, do...

    Do re mi fa fa, so...

    Do re mi re do, do...

    So do ti la so fa,

    So-fa-mi-re do...

    So-fa-mi-re do...

    After one last round of scat solos, the song ended. "That was great, Wendy!" Mr. Gorman smiled.

    "Encore!" Mrs. Gorman agreed.

    "And you thought playing scales was boring..." Brock grinned.

    "That was actually fun!" Wendy laughed. "I'll have to remember this for the next time I practice!"

    "Why stop with the next time you practice?" Mr. Gorman smiled. "You two need to take that on the road!"

    "If you're on a walking tour of the region, you should see Prof. Willow." Mrs. Gorman suggested. "She'll show you some of Minami's great treasures and lore--things that the guidebooks don't tell you."

    "I'll take you up on that offer." Brock replied, ever aware of Mizuchi's icy glare in his direction. Maybe she can tell me more on that story about Meloetta and Giratina.
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