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    Episode 18: "Trouble in Honoru City! The archer of flame, Ardea!" (part 1)

    "Remember that huge tower we passed on the way here?" Wendy asked as the group strolled down Honoru City's main street. It was approaching noon, and what restaurants were not already full either had lines or beginning to attract crowds.

    "What about it?" Brock asked as he admired the various menu boards that stood on the sidewalk.

    "That is the Tower of Runes." Wendy explained. "Maybe if we find the Gym Leader, Ardea, she could tell us more about what's in there--and possibly help you sharpen your own archery skills."

    "She uses a bow too?" Brock was intrigued.

    "Yeah, and she loves fire Pokemon almost as much as she loves the bow." Wendy explained. "So much so she's been nicknamed 'the archer of flame.'

    "So would be trainers start with..." Brock pondered a few possible names for Ardea's badge. Flame Badge, Inferno Badge, Blaze Badge...

    "Her badge is the Ember Badge." Wendy replied, pointing out a billboard advertising the Gym that depicted a tiny orange and yellow teardrop-like Badge.

    Just then, an older female voice calling "Kitsune!" in the distance snapped her to attention. "That sounded like Ardea..."

    "Or someone else looking for a lost Pokemon..." Brock mused as the female voice called "Kitsune, where are you?"

    Tenku spotted a dull orange haired girl digging in the bushes around the Gym, which resembled a large log cabin. [That's her! Ardea!]

    Wendy motioned for Brock to follow her, and made her way to the Gym plaza, where Ardea was still digging through the brush as a Torchic and a Charmander looked on in fear. "Is there any way we can help?"

    Ardea looked up and smiled, relieved someone had heard her. "Of course you two can help--have you seen any Fennekins in the area?"

    Wendy was about to answer when she saw Brock had sauntered up to her, the same dreamy look he had with Nurse Joy on his face. "I may not have seen any Fennekins, but I have spotted this firey Cupid, whose flaming arrow has pierced my heart--!"

    That was as far as he got before Mizuchi sprayed him. [This is a Gym Leader you're talking to!] she scolded. [Now, behave yourself!]

    Ardea just chuckled. "I'm glad you find me beautiful, Romeo, but right now I have more pressing matters to worry about, like finding my Fennekin, Kitsune."

    "Oh, Brock just has a thing for pretty girls." Wendy explained as she offered Brock a towel to dry off. "Where did you see Kitsune last?" she asked.

    "Well, I fed him this morning, and he was with me while I went out to my private target range in the forest, but when I came back to the Gym, he was gone." Ardea explained, fanning herself with a red wide-brimmed hat that looked similar to a red mage's hat in "Final Fantasy".

    "So somewhere between the forest and the Gym was where he disappeared." Brock mused. "Was he acting nervous, or scared?"

    "Nope--he was pretty happy." Ardea sighed as she brushed some leaves from her shirt. "It's not like him to just run off..."

    "Then he may not have run off on his own choice..." Wendy suggested.

    Ardea's eyes narrowed in anger. "If someone took Kitsune, then they picked the wrong person to mess with." she grumbled. "I will go to the ends of the earth to find him!"

    "Was Kitsune your first Pokemon?" Wendy asked.

    "No...he was hatched from an egg I won in an archery competition, not long before I became the Gym Leader." Ardea explained before gesturing to the Charmander. "Hinote here was my first."

    [Hi...] the Charmander shyly smiled. [Are you going to try for a badge?]

    "Unfortunately, no...we're going to help your master find your friend." Wendy replied.

    The Torchic, meanwhile, noticed Brock's bow peeking from his bag. [Oh! Did you make that yourself?]

    Brock nodded. "I'm not too bad a shot, but it's been a while since I've practiced seriously."

    "Really, now?" Ardea gasped, now in a better mood. "For someone who hasn't shot in a while, you put a lot of effort into making this." she smiled, admiring Brock's bow.

    Then, a thought came to her. "Are you two planning on going in the Tower of Runes that stands outside of town?"

    "Yes." both Brock and Wendy replied.

    "It's earned its reputation for a good reason--many brave adventurers have gone in there, but so far, no one in recent memory has come out." Ardea cautioned. "Supposedly, one of Meloetta's mystic gems is at the top--so if you're going in there to see if that's true, I have an idea..."

    "What?" Wendy asked.

    "If you two can help me find Kitsune--hopefully alive--I will give you and your Pokemon some combat training to better survive the monsters and traps in the tower. "Ardea offered.

    "Sure!" Wendy replied.

    Brock offered a hand to Ardea. "Deal."

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