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to do that within the program (sg.exe) all you need to do is download PKSV by Score_Under
then put SG.exe in the same folder as PKSV, then in order to put it in your ROM,drag your ROM into the main window (next version may include a dialogbox for opening ROMs and not just to open scripts) then you click 'compile' under the PKSV possibilities menu and your script is now placed in the game and u just have to 1) copy the offsets and 2) insert them into a map somewhere for useage!
1)Download PKSV
2)Open your script
3)Open your ROM
4)Push 'F9' (or ROM tools-->compile)
5)Copy and insert your script offsets into a map with AdvanceMap
1)Download XSE by hackmew...
2)make your script with the 'xse' radiobutton checked
3)open your script from XSE
4)compile your script with the 'compile' button
5)Copy and insert offsets

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