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Originally Posted by FreakyLocz14 View Post
Saying "Happy Christmas" is hardly religious indoctrination. -__-
I don't think that's really what [whoever said that] was referring to, but yeah I agree that we should encourage the open celebration of all holidays. I think if there's a group of people who is determined to set up a giant Christmas tree in the middle of the town square (or you know wherever one puts a tree), they should be allowed to. Then, if someone wants to construct a humongous dreidel and put that right next to the tree, that's okay too.
I just wish people weren't so against mixing cultures. It makes for such interesting and beautiful things.

EDIT: Derp, this is not what I call on-topic.

Random thing: Those videos are awesome. I especially like Rick Perry's coming out video. So proud. <3

Random thing2: Love the new name! :D

#077: Ponyta - The Fire Horse Pokémon
Fire ~ Field eggs
3'03" ~ 66.1lbs ~ 50/50

Its hooves are 10 times harder
than diamonds. It can trample
anything completely flat in moments.

Abilities: Run Away or Flash Fire or Flame Body
Moves: Growl, Flame Wheel, Stomp, Agility
Locations: Pokémon Mansion


Other names:

jp: ポニータ (Ponyta)
de: Ponita
fr: Ponyta
cn: 小火馬 (Xiǎohuǒmǎ)