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    Makes me think of Rest. Not sure though.

    Either way, it's not Perish Song. Look closely and you'll see the one key word that you need. You don't really need more to figure it out!

    By the way, lineofdeath was correct. My earlier one was Aerial Ace. Explanation under the spoiler.

    You might have hurt my eyes, you might have hurt my legs. This refers to accuracy and evasion. Aerial Ace doesn't care about that stuff.
    40 times returning, all by plane. It's TM40. The Japanese name is Swallow Return, and the plane part refers to it being a Flying-type move.
    But the plane crashed, and now i am on foot. You don't need to be able to actually fly to use it.
    Hurt legs? Psh.
    I'm still the winner here.
    ''An extremely speedy and unavoidable attack.''
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