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of course not
download the new .exe
place it in the folder of your old Script Generator
Then you will "find scintilla.dll"
But i've removed the link to old download....
So i'll upload it again. ^_^
just gonna take a sec

and @sab
I don't really know what to add right now....
Score_Under showed me how to do a loop in pokemon scripting
which is why i added variables.
Aotm i'm trying to figure out how to make a pole
until the poll is up (LOL XD until the "pole" is up i misspelled pole b4 i edited this) just post ideas here and specify if they should be commands or if they should be a built in script that isn't dependant upon PKSV.dll or if it should need PKSV.dll I'm not exactly a 'master' scripter,or a scripter. I'm simply able to script basic things aotm, which is another reason why there aren't tons of things my SG can do.

the poll is now up so yea
you can vote for more than one thing
but i'll be adding commands in order of amounts of votes (more votes for one item will make it added first)

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