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    DRG, you said you were interested in making this hack much better than the original in every aspect. I think this is a great idea, and should also apply to how you make your patch as well. That being said, you should make your patch using the .UPS patching format instead of .IPS. Why? Because a .UPS patch will ONLY work on the ROM that you crafted your hack on. This way, your userbase won't have to play guessing games on exactly which Fire Red ROM to apply their patch to, as a .UPS patch will ONLY apply itself to the correct Fire Red ROM. With .IPS there is no way to tell if you applied the patch to the correct ROM, other than starting the ROM up and seeing if the title screen appears. Even in that case, the player could still encounter problems later on in the game from patching to the incorrect Fire Red ROM.

    Please consider this.
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