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    Originally Posted by flyer1228 View Post
    Yes, I collect events and as there are many characteristics for 1 nature, I want to know if I already have the pokemon or not.

    You may choose 2 from the following (assuming that the Pikachu is one I don't have yet):

    Many Pikachu events
    Michina Arceus
    TRU Arceus
    TRU Dragonite
    WORLD09 Weavile
    E4ALL Manaphy
    PALCITY Lucario
    DOEL Deoxys
    Concert Chatot
    The Pikachu likes to run. Well, I'd like the TRU Regigigas, but I want it in a different FC...this is the FC: 3482 3722 6125.
    I'd also like the Tanabata Jirachi. Make sure these are all legit first, okay? The Jirachi's the one that I don't want if you don't want the Pikachu...I want the Regigigas the most, because I can get the three Regis again in Platinum, which is the reason that there is another FC.

    Also...I have just obtained a DW Boldore. And like my other currently offered DW Pokemon, it's female, so I can breed the ability.
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