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Hi everyone! I'm planning to start a fangame, namely Pokemon Honor Version and Glory Version. The game is inspired from the country of Philippines and its culture. I aim to showcase an imaginative take on what the country will be like if it existed as a Pokemon region and it's impact on other regions like Kanto, Unova and a yet-to-be-made-into-a-Pokemon-Spain-Region, just south of Kalos.

Blurb:[B] The region will be called Ibaro,[/B] originating from a wordplay/portmanteau of 2 Filipino words "Iba", meaning "different " and "Barrio" roughly meaning "community"; together in context could mean "different/various communities".The Ibaro Region is setting of Pokemon Honor and Glory. Pokemon Honor features Akasari, a dual type Fire/Fairy Phoenix based on sarimanok while Pokemon Glory features Zulinaga, a Water/Dragon type that looks like a Merlion/Serpeant hybrid based on merlion and the bakunawa dragon.

Lore Concept: The main lore concept is inspired from Pokemon Conquest where the ancestral tribes are affiliated to one of the 18 types. The tribes serve either of the two greater feudal clans of Ibaro: The Sky Clan of the west and the Ocean Clan of the east. The games I'm planning to make aims to feature a new not-yet-named battle mechanic that either adds the concept of temporary adding of an additional type to either the Pokemon itself (making them dual/triple types) or the moves they use (inspired from Flying Press) through summoning the ancestral spirits of the Ibaro people and their Pokemon ala PokeSpirit.

Pokemon: The version starters' final evolution will be a Grass/Steel Pangolin, Fire/Fairy Bearcat and a Water/Fighting Carabao (a native water buffalo). Other planned pokemon are: a civet cat, a sailfin lizard, whaleshark, a tikbalang (a mythological reverse centaur from PH), local flora etc. I plan to include Regional Forms as well such as Ibarran Braviary, Krookodile, Aegislash among many others.

Ibarro Pokemon League: The Gyms of Ibaro League specialize in Dark, Flying, Ground, Electric, Ghost, Water, Poison and the last gym will be version exclusive, Fire for Honor or Dragon for Glory. (I'm planning to makes changes in the lineup to make another Gym version exclusive; maybe Steel/Electric Type will do, dunno.) A championship tournament cup to determine a winner who'll be given the right to challenge the Elite 4. The Ibaro E4 utilize Ice, Grass, Rock & Fairy Pokemon (This can change also tho. Some of these are considered worst typing but tho I'm not a competitive player myself, I want to give these types some justice in the game).

Current Progress: I'm currently refining story the concept + the names of Characters and other stuff. I'm planning to create original fakemon designs someday as well. Cities and Towns of Ibaro are named after spices. Anyone else interested? Certainly open for ideas and suggestions. (No politics please.) Looking for interested minds to share and brainstorm ideas with. Since my childhood, I dreamt of making a fangame showcasing my home country to the world. I don't know programming tho lol. And I just started studying my way around digital art on my own only this month. Any suggestions on where should I put my focus on first? Also looking forward to make a dev team someday, if opportunity smiles.

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonRMXP/comments/duqr7o/fangame_project_ideas_inspired_from_philippines/

Feel free to message me your thoughts and opinions btw. DM is power~
And thank you very much for giving this post your time!